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Duane's 67 Camaro



My 67 has a 350 engine that's bored 30 over.. Isky 280 Mega Camshaft, 280 degrees Adv. Duration, 232 degrees @ .050, 485 gross lift w/ 1.5 Rockers, .515 lift w 1.6 rockers, Double hump heads with 2.02/1.60 valves.. Edelbrock 650 Performer Carb.. MSD Pro Billet Distributor.. 350 Tranny with a shift kit.. 373 gears and Posi Traction.. How far do ya want me to SMOK'EM?.. Hooker header's and some exhaust cut-out.. To let it RUMBLE!!

I had another 67 in the mid 90's and I sold it.. Ever since I sold it I have been wanting another.. And I did! The 67's - 69's are just cool!!!!

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